My World In Lists

My World In Lists, Haley's second novel, is a story about an extremely obsessive compulsive teenager who categorizes everything about his life into a series of lists. Told entirely through excerpts of these lists without any supplemental dialogue or prose, My World In Lists is an interesting take on modern storytelling. Thorough research and personal interviews allowed Haley to feel capable of telling Nigal's story, one that is far too real in the world despite existing here in the fiction pages of a novel.

The My World In Lists cover, a plain, slightly crumpled notebook page.

Crooked Things

  • The poster in the English room
  • The slant of Mr. Johnson's chalkboard handwriting
  • My right-hand middle finger
  • Drew's broken locker door
  • Jordyn's stack of books
  • The printing on page 153
  • The way I feel about her

Gray Things

  • My pencil lead
  • Sophie's sweatshirt
  • The silver shine on the metal chairs
  • Katie's nails
  • Her eyes
  • Love (and war)
  • Loneliness