Haley's first novel, Cyber, was written throughout her fourth grade year when she was nine years old. Inspired by the Warriors series by Erin Hunter and various other children's books focusing on animals, it chronicles the journey of a lost dog trying to find his way back to his owner. Along the way he meets a slew of new friends who share in his adventure. Heartwarming and imaginative, Cyber is a true snapshot of a dog-obsessed nine-year-old's mind.

The Cyber book cover, a close-up of a Siberian Husky with one blue eye and one brown.

Listen to an author-read excerpt

Water surged over my head and flooded my mouth as I attempted to fight the current back to the surface. My paws scratched at the river's bottom, turning up gravel but failing to provide the needed leverage to find oxygen once again. My vision began to grow darker as swirls of mud and despair filtered through the water in front of me, and as I felt my muscles fading under the strain, my thoughts turned to Emma.

How worried she must be, I thought. I remembered her face, the way her voice sounded when she would laugh, the way her scent changed just slightly when she was stressed. Her face swam in front of my eyes as I let them close, wishing more than anything that I was breathing in her familiar vanilla perfume as opposed to the water threatening to overwhelm my body.

I'm sorry, I thought. I can't do this anymore. I felt my paws slipping further as the current surged on, unaware of its proximity to taking a life. All had gone black except Emma's face in front of mine when I felt something pushing me upward. Warm and solid, some force propelled me towards the surface with speed and grace I couldn't imagine possessing in such a wild river.

I found the edge of the water with my front legs and expensed all of my feeble remaining energy on clambering up onto the grass. Shaking, I collapsed on the ground and felt a thud as someone landed next to me. I turned to face my rescuer as my lungs rejoiced over the crisp air.

I couldn't believe my eyes.